You Should Try These Dishes and Drinks to Try in Mozambique

Mozambique might be a destination that is off-the-beaten track as what many people describe it. But when you get here, you should not miss trying the delicious cuisines it has to offer. Yes, that is right! Mozambique is also home to a rich culinary heritage. Here, we have listed some of the best food that you should try when visiting this country.

Galinha asada 

Galinha asada is Portuguese “roasted chicken”, however in Mozambique it is all the more frequently flame broiled, or grilled over open flames along the edge of the street. It tends to be set up in a few unique manners – the most acclaimed is piri-piri chicken, whereby the meat is marinated in the notorious sauce before being cooked. Fixings differ from area to district and rely on what is most promptly accessible, including stew, lime, onions, and green peppers. 

Rissóis de camarão 

Rissóis de camarão are an amazing case of the degree to which Portuguese food has gotten dug in Mozambican culture. A famous starter or nibble food in the two nations, these sickle molded croquettes contain a velvety entire shrimp sauce, which, contingent upon the formula may likewise incorporate flavors or piri-piri. 


Matapa is remarkably Mozambican. Regardless of offering its name to an old realm of Africa, it is a moderately unassuming dish, produced using stewed cassava leaves mixed with ground peanuts, garlic, and coconut milk. It is as delightful as it is basic, in any case, and it merits wandering past Mozambique’s Western eateries to attempt it. 


Chamussas are three-sided, exquisite cakes roused by the Indian samosa. In Mozambique, fillings range from meat and fish to potatoes or cheddar. A well known road food or between-suppers nibble in bigger urban communities like Maputo and Inhambane, they are made extraordinary by their exceptional mix of Mozambican flavors.

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